Heartwood Haven Screening Gunda
Hosted by Heartwood Haven
April 10, 10:00 AM PDT
Virtual Cinema
About the Screening

Have you ever wanted to see what the animals at Heartwood Haven do everyday? Maybe you've had the opportunity to look into the pig barn and catch pigs snoozing the day away. Join us for an intimate insider look at the lives of farmed animals. Gunda follows a pig family, chickens liberated from an egg farm and a herd of cows through their day to day life. Gunda captures the personality of each character and teaches you about their relationships with others of their own species. You can't help but feel the emotions and experiences of these animals for yourself. This film is family safe and does not show any violence.

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Viktor Kossakovsky
Joaquin Phoenix
1h 33m
About the Movie
It is a film about pigs, cows and chicken. Black and white. Without words. Without music. Victor Kossakovsky is offering not just a mesmerizing poetic work of art but also a wonderful life experience. We get to know Gunda the sow, her family and neighbors, and it gives us the reason to think about the secret of consciousness and the value of life of those with whom we share this planet.